Cute Critters uses only the finest available pet grooming products.  To acquaint you with some of the products we use, information is available below:


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bullet Stinky Dog-Gone ™- Stinky Dog-Gone is a non-aerosol, non-toxic formula that is safe for dogs and the environment but lethal to offensive pet odors. By breaking down the molecular structure of malodors, Stinky Dog-Gone quickly eliminates odors from urine, feces and anal glands. Because the spray-on formula deodorizes on contact, it is excellent for use between baths.  I                                                                                                                                 
bullet Coat Handler Conditioners ™ - The Coat Handler products clean quickly and thoroughly without harsh detergents and chemicals.  Their non-stripping formula provides gentle moisturizing cleansing without leaving the buildup of residues that irritate the skin  and leave the hair dull.
bullet Davis Aroma Therapy Shampoos ™ - Davis Aromatherapy shampoos are made with a moisturizing conditioning base enriched with Vitamin E and Lanolin, which results in a glossy, manageable finish. I                                                                                                              
bullet Fluff Out ™ - This remarkable, exclusive formulation produces abundantly fluffed coats with long-lasting and substantial body. The patented formula encapsulates each hair with a clear, fine seal that causes each strand to straighten, stand out and separate which builds body and makes scissoring easier. Curly coats can be easily straightened and remain fluffed for a long time by memorizing the finished result. Fluff-Out creates a beautiful show-like finish and never leaves the coat sticky or stiff.


bullet The Bathing Beauty™ - the Bathing Beauty Bathing System is a therapeutic hydro-massage power bather that has a special spray pattern designed to lift and flush out the worst of coats.  The hydro-massage action is a feeling that your dog will love and enjoy!
bullet The Taxi Vac™ - the Taxi Vac is a precision clipper vacuum system that allows for precise hair lifting control.  The system attaches to clippers for instant hair removal, creating a cleaner environment for everyone!                       
bullet The Furminator ™- a special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and cleanup of unwanted pet hair.



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*Stinky Dog-Gone, Davis Aroma Therapy Shampoos, and Fluff-Out are registered products of Davis Manufacturing.

*Coat Handler Conditioners are registered products of Senproco products.


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