Why use a mobile service?
Mobile groomers come to your residence (or place of business, if you desire), and groom your pet to your specifications right there. Pets are not dried in a cage/crate as a groomer then turns their attention to another dog. Instead your pet is dried on the grooming table right after their bath and remain the only client at the time. Avoid driving back and forth to a grooming salon with your pet, as well as having your pet wait for the next step in their appointment!

Why are fees for mobile groomers more than some local grooming salons?
Mobile pet grooming is specialized. Groomers do all the driving for you and pets are not separated from their homes, meaning less emotional stress on them. Your furry friend also receives individualized attention during their appointment. Depending on what is required, their time in the mobile van will be less than their time in a salon.

Will my pet be washed in cold water? 
No way! Pets will enjoy a warm bath.

Where do you get your water and electricity?
Our mobile grooming van is fully self-contained. We have a clean water tank, and a dirty water tank. The van’s inverter system runs all electrical appliances, even the hot water heater.

How often should my dog be groomed? 
That depends on the breed, its lifestyle, and surroundings. Many of our clients have their pets groomed regularly (commonly every two weeks or once a month ), and we encourage scheduled repeat appointments. Please contact us so we can recommend a regular schedule tailored for your furry friend.

My dog is scared of water and hates being groomed. 
Cute Critters can help. We use lots of pampering, talking, and the occasional doggie treat.

What if my dog’s coat has knots? 
Dogs need to be regularly brushed, particularly longhaired breeds. We can assess your pet and recommend what will be required to restore your pet’s coat to a healthy condition and how to maintain it moving forward.

What about my dog’s vaccinations?
Proof of your dog’s vaccinations is required upon our first visit. This is a safety issue, for both your pet and for groomers. This is an annual requirement.

What about cancellations?
If you must cancel an appointment, please call and provide a 24-hour notice. A No-Show fee of $30.00 per pet may be assessed if less notice is provided. Only a limited number of dogs can be groomed per day, and due to the mobile nature of this service, canceled spots are difficult to fill.

How do I pay for your services?
We accept cash,  check, credit card, or Venmo for payment.


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