Cute Critters uses only the finest available pet grooming products. To acquaint you with some of the products we use, please see the below information.

TropicClean ™- TripiClean grooming shampoo and conditioner are enriched with mild coconut cleanser to help provide a gentel, yet effective clean. Fresh tropcial fragrances will leave furry friends smelling clean and ready for snuggles.

Davis Medicated Shampoos ™- Davis Medicated shampoo products help manage skin problems associated with bacterial dermatitis, seborrhea, yeast, and fungi. They help wash away microorganisms that lead to skin conditions and promote a healthy skin and coat.

Coat Handler Conditioners ™ - Coat Handler products clean quickly and thoroughly without harsh detergents and chemicals. Their non-stripping formula provides gentle moisturizing cleansing without leaving the buildup of residues that irritate the skin and leave hair dull.

Davis Aroma Therapy Shampoos ™ - Davis Aromatherapy Shampoos are made with a moisturizing conditioning base enriched with vitamin E and lanolin, which results in a glossy, manageable finish.

The Stuff Dog Conditioner & Detangler ™ - The Stuff Conditioner and Detangler is a unique leave-in hair conditioner and dematting formula that's hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Skout's Honor Probiotic Detangler ™ - A PH-balanced detangler that works to naturally support against shedding, itching, dryness, hot spots, and odor. Avocado oil and Omega-3’s work to condition your pet’s fur and give it a noticeably balanced and healthy shine.

The Bathing Beauty™ - The Bathing Beauty Bathing System is a therapeutic hydro-massage power bather that has a special spray pattern designed to lift and flush out the worst of coats. The hydro-massage action is a feeling that your dog will love and enjoy!

The Taxi Vac™ - The Taxi Vac is a precision clipper vacuum system that allows for precise hair lifting control. The system attaches to clippers for instant hair removal, creating a cleaner environment for everyone!

The Furminator ™ - The Furminator offers a special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and cleanup of unwanted pet hair.


Have questions about these products? Wondering if we use something else? Call us today at 859.277.4932.